About Terry Tynan

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1955 with a major in Labor Economics. In January, 1958 I entered the real estate business with Lucey Realty Service and later joined Empire Realty. In 1961 I moved back to the Chicago area and was employed by Metropolitan Structures selling their town homes in Niles, IL. I joined Arthur Rubloff & Co. in Chicago in the General Brokerage Division specializing in commercial and investment properties and was Sales Manager of the North Side Regional Office. After 14 years, I formed Tynan Realty Group, Inc. which encompassed property management, investing and land development as well as commercial leasing and sales. After a 12 year retirement I joined Shorewest REALTORS in July of 2012.  It was like "coming home" to get back into the real estate industry full time again.  My energy level has never been higher.  More than ever, I realize how a dedicated real estate practitioner can make a positive difference in peoples' lives. The feeling of satisfaction in helping someone get out of a bad situation or into a good one is indescribable.  I completely believe in my personal motto:

"My most valued asset is a satisfied client."

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Terry Tynan was very good to work with.  No problems.  A smooth transaction.

Joe Huck
Huck Realty



Thank you for your phone call today.

We are grateful that you were our Real Estate Salesman.  You always paid attention to detail, never came with an excuse, like, “I can’t do it now”, “maybe next week”, or “I’m so busy right now”.

You are one in a million.  You give that extra mile that makes us, the clients happy and glad to support  you  in any way we can.

I commend you.  As we all know, Commercial Properties have been hit hard in the Economic Crunch that we have faced in the last couple of years.  It was NOT the easiest of properties to sell; nevertheless, you pulled throughWe need more of you in Kenosha.   As a matter of fact, the profession could learn a LOT from you.  You are positive, relentless and invincible.

We would be glad to recommend you to anyone that wants to get their  property sold and to have a dependable Professional that sees no barriers in moving forward to achieve that goal.

In a scale from 1 to 10 you are a 12.

Congratulations on a Job Well Done!

Nair Orioli


I was glad I looked and searched the internet and found Terry Tynan.  I would recommend Terry to anybody.  He helped us a lot.

Amy Markowski


Walter R. Buell

November 8, 1966       

Dear Mr. Tynan:

It is a real pleasure and privilege for us to write you of our very sincere appreciation of the way in which you handled the entire assignment of selling our building.

During your first visit with us, we were much impressed by your understanding of our evaluations and your offer of full cooperation.

As the months passed, we noted your continued whole-hearted efforts, and especially, at times when we were a bit disappointed about the "slow" market, it seemed you were even more determined those times!!

You were always quick to return any telephone calls we made, and you gave us details whenever it seemed to our benefit to have them, and likewise withheld data that was not pertinent to the deal at the moment.

We do want you to know that none of the many things you did, as well as your positive attitude went unnoticed, and as a small token of our appreciation, use the enclosed to bring you (and yours) some joy.

It is an extra dividend for both Mr. Buell and myself to have made your acquaintance, to more fully appreciate your policy and high integrity, and we hope we may enjoy many years of business association with you.

               Most Sincerely,

               (Mrs. Walter R. Buell)


“Terry Tynan is one of the most likable, hardworking, and thorough men I have ever been fortunate enough to come in contact with.  Terry went far and above my highest expectations of a realtor – in both my commercial and residential ventures.  I would highly recommend Terry Tynan for all your real estate needs.  I no longer view Terry as just my real estate agent, I now see Terry as a dear friend, who has dedicated his life work to helping people like me and you, realize our real estate and commercial dreams.”


Matt McCreary


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